Like a time bomb waiting to explode, Like a volcano ready to erupt, I sit in this cursed tomb with no escape. My mouth’s been restricted from flowing freely. Threaded into ties, making me inaudible to the world. I plead with my eyes but the message is mistranslated due to the fire burning in them from oppression. The pressure is rising up, will I burst … Continue reading Scream

Chasing Pavements

Legs exhausted, I’ve been chasing pavements that lead to nowhere. As I slow down, I look back to the past, and I’ve become aware. Time hasn’t stopped…how long have I been following this path? Realization. Now I’m filled with wrath.Blinded by the mission to complete this journey and look where I stand? Conceived from the intercourse of foolishness and ignorance I’ve let days, turn into weeks… … Continue reading Chasing Pavements