Aquarians: Death to the Waterboys

As an Aquarius rising, you would think I could appreciate others who possess the sun sign. WELL I DON’T. Jim Jones once said he doesn’t know if Cam’ron is a snitch but he knows he’s an Aquarius. Jones may be a crybaby Cancer but he said some real shit. Aquarians cannot be trusted. Aquarian men aka”waterboys” as I like to call them, have always kinda … Continue reading Aquarians: Death to the Waterboys

Part 1: “Check Pls” Dates

Ever been a date and was ready to go home 5 minutes into it? That’s usually me. I call them #CheckPls dates because it’s that moment within the date that you realize you’d rather be home and would even pay for the dinner just to get the fuck outta there. Anything can trigger it for me. Went on a date with this Haitian banker guy. … Continue reading Part 1: “Check Pls” Dates