me this summer — Cher Horrorwitz (@NickNBeauty) June 19, 2017 June is almost over and I have not done one ho ting yet. Hopefully July and August will be promising and allow me to travel to some places, wear backless tings and get some dick in different area codes. I need to be free this summer and get in trouble. WHERE’S THE FUCKIN BLOW?! I … Continue reading SUMMERflingsNtings

Chasing Pavements

Legs exhausted, I’ve been chasing pavements that lead to nowhere. As I slow down, I look back to the past, and I’ve become aware. Time hasn’t stopped…how long have I been following this path? Realization. Now I’m filled with wrath.Blinded by the mission to complete this journey and look where I stand? Conceived from the intercourse of foolishness and ignorance I’ve let days, turn into weeks… … Continue reading Chasing Pavements

My L.A.S.E.R. (an ode to a Lupe Fiasco fan)

When surrounded by darkness, he has to rebel against it like the laser that he is. He extingushes my surroundings by being the light, becoming my sunshine in the day and the moonlight by night. Opposites we are, like solar midnite and solar noon, yet we are so in sync, conceiving a lovely tune. Maybe it’s his laughter or the fact he never has to … Continue reading My L.A.S.E.R. (an ode to a Lupe Fiasco fan)