Colorism Bingo

A colorism conversation in the black community goes like a game of Bingo. Every board is different yet contains the same content with the same rhetoric being retorted. I’ll give the conclusion: Colorism is so powerful that there is no division of black people that is completely immune from its effects. What keeps me mum on colorism discussions in social settings is that everything is … Continue reading Colorism Bingo

Part 1: “Check Pls” Dates

Ever been a date and was ready to go home 5 minutes into it? That’s usually me. I call them #CheckPls dates because it’s that moment within the date that you realize you’d rather be home and would even pay for the dinner just to get the fuck outta there. Anything can trigger it for me. Went on a date with this Haitian banker guy. … Continue reading Part 1: “Check Pls” Dates