Hakuna Matata or Gratata

After the Aquarian full moon this week, I am BACK on my bullshit.
I lit my candles, burned my sage and offered myself to the universe. I let go of my fears, the depression, any baggage or negativity and I accepted myself for what I am and what I am evolving to come.
kixssu6nwbsrf2heI wrote down what my focuses are and claimed them. I refuse to let the inner issues brewing in my mental space to be what wakes me up anymore. Sleep was my getaway from the nightmares of dealing with life. Instead of daydreaming of the what ifs, I am on the path to transfer that energy through actions in my reality.
tumblr_or806biiz81qikobho2_r3_250When things are awry in my life, I take it hard. I’m tired of harboring on the negatives and downplaying the positives because I know I am going to fight to the end. I am finally seeing why people like to look on the bright side.

I am full of life. I am full of love. I am full of creativity. I am something the world needs.


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