Aquarians: Death to the Waterboys

As an Aquarius rising, you would think I could appreciate others who possess the sun sign.

Jim Jones once said he doesn’t know if Cam’ron is a snitch but he knows he’s an Aquarius. Jones may be a crybaby Cancer but he said some real shit. Aquarians cannot be trusted.

Aquarian men aka”waterboys” as I like to call them, have always kinda made my skin crawl. Their guise as mysterious artistic deep thinkers is rudely interrupted when I have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting one. I find them quite boring and basic. They come off perfectly flawed, like when something spills on an aisle but that yellow “wet floor” sign has been placed. They wait on you to clean up the mess. I two step around it.

They talk a good game but most of the time I want them to shut up. I’m the shark ready to tear them up like Samuel L. Jackson in “Deep Blue Sea”.


I like to break them down. I do break them down. As a Libra (air sign) with an another air sign for my rising and a water moon, I do not have time to play with them. Aquarians want to soak your energy so they can get stronger. However, this game is for two players and my Aquarius rising is up for the occasion and is probably a big reason why I attract them frequently.


Trying to decipher an Aquarians intentions is a mind game. What’s real with them? What’s fake? Is it all an act? These are the questions that plague me. I’ve never had a bad experience with them, per say, but there’s always something that leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. It’s not their cum, though. With an exception of one, I do have to say they are passionate lovers. They study sex as an art and want to give to give you pleasure and you can be sure they are analyzing your skills as well. The unpleasantness comes from what they say vs what they do. They say they like you but they like to see how much shit they can half ass and get away with. I hold them accountable for everything.

Waterboys must always feel like they are above the rest. Their mouths will tell you they are humble good guys but deep down, they know they are special. Those who do not find them grand become an obsession for them. They will pry for more details about you, trying to understand what you are and how you can resist their charm. Where the obsession ends and feelings begin is tangled. I refuse to even figure it out. I get the dick and dip!

When you can captivate an Aquarius, he is always watching you. Researching you from far away and in closer settings. Can you match their fly or take them to a new level? Aquarians will not bother to pursue those whose thirst they can quench easily. They are not afraid to double or triple text you. I used to mess with one who texted me every day when he got my number. I would wake up and there would be a message or two continuing the conversation from the previous night or conveying some profound thought that hit him in the late night. They always need your feedback. They will wine and dine you and you should be impressed. Whatever their creative outlet is, they expect it to change the world. They want to change people. They are contradictions. Extroverted outcast who has a lot of friends. They work hard for their craft but lazy in the real world. It works for them though. They complain over simple things to make them feel good about what they do. They want a gentle lover but need tough love.

“Aquarians are often rebels at heart. They tend to have relatively few close friends, but those they do have they tend to have a very strong mental connection with. Aquarius men tend to be relatively detached at the start of a relationship. Partners often wonder if he is really interested in them at all.”

My best advice is to RUN if an Aquarius has caught you by the heart. Literally. They like the chase. Make them beg. Never get too comfortable until he bends his knee.


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