picky dick checklist

Now if you think got a big dick and can tear a piece of pussy up, lemme hear you
A-HA, just as I thought, not one motherfucking word!


Yes, we’re talking about dicks today and I’m here to say that >for me<, IMMA NEED BOTH. The motion of the ocean and the size of the ship matters.

I came to this realization after messing with a guy who is gorgeous on the outside but his weenie left more to be desired when his pants came off.

Don’t get me wrong, he knew how to work it and this is not my first time sexing him but I am always amazed how small his thang is.  Shortness I can work with as long as it has girth but he sadly lacks both.  And he knows it. But buddy puts in work with his petite pene by creating waves in the pussy by doing splash dives and running starts. I can’t lie, I like his passion and sex ethic so I keep him on my “emergency dick” contact list. He’s back-up when a big dick nigga can’t fall through.
weenie_hut_jr_s__gif_by_olliedoodle-d91bt8u When I first came into the sex game, a young virgin was broken by my ex who was packing. Unlike Lil Kim in “Big Momma Thang“, I was never scared of the dick and threw both sets of lips to it like a real bitch.  I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see a little dick until I was already a woman, by then it was nothing to me but disappointment.

Weenie Hut Jr packing men provide me with no risks or fear of death. They bring my sex skillz down cause I get too relaxed. There’s no challenge. It’s all HAKUNA MATATA. No worries about accidentally choking on a small penis because it’s barely hitting my uvula. I don’t think about my breathing techniques like I would do with a big one because there’s plenty of room for air to hit my esophagus since there’s minimal blockage. Using my hands is out of the question because they’ll probably emphasize how small the dick is so I resort to using maybe one or two fingers or none at all. To keep it frank, I’m just not as excited.


I’m a creep. I am a part of the “gray sweatpants watchers” so I’m always peeping for a dickprint in some basketball shawts or sweats. Visually, widdle dicks ain’t making the cut. Issa dick or clit? Sometimes I wanna grab him by the dick when it’s big, “If the dick long, nigga I got to frisk it”.

My flower isn’t a total “Rough ‘N’ Tough” Salty Spitoon members only because I’ve let some weenies in but it’s not something I do frequently. They definitely gotta show what that muscle can do!


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