Is That a Clue?

With 20 minutes left in my break, I decided to sit down on the steps by the building I work at to get some fresh air.

As I sit, minding my business as always, I feel someone approaching me. It’s the old security guard.

“Hey, why are you sitting on the steps?” he inquires. It must be a strange sight to see a millennial, sitting down enjoying the cool Florida breeze with no technology, so I tell him I’m just chillin and enjoying the weather before he has a heart attack.

I’m not blocking anyone’s path so *Joseline voice* WHY IS YOU HERE? I gave him a good enough answer right? He’ll go away now right?


“Are you okay? You’re not upset or anything, are you?”
“I have a chair. I hate to see you sitting on the hard steps”
Can I not mind my business in peace? I sit on the stairs all the time on my breaks, why you in my bidness? Maybe I’m waiting for the weedman to meet me so I can cop my dub. If he sees your white ass around, he’ll think I’m setting him up with the Feds.

After turning down the offer of the chair and answering some more of the top flight security’s pesky questions, he still doesn’t leave me alone. He lingers around me, trying to find another way to start a conversation until he finally gives up and walks back to his station.

Why do men love to invade a woman’s space?

The haters will say “He was just being nice, why you gotta be a bitch?” but in reality, it was another case of a man being a man. I’m not going to go on a rant about how men violate women’s space yet never do that to their male counterparts because there’s enough of that on Twitter.

When a woman is walking by herself or happens to be chilling solo, men feel like it’s an introduction for them to bother you. I guarantee you that with all the things a woman has to do in a day, a man interacting with them is low on the list. Well at least, it is for me. It’s actually a goal to not encounter a man barging his way into my daily life activities, to be honest.

Living in Miami has only made it worse. Around here, it’s like you have to talk down to these men and tell them that you are disgusted with their presence AND the fact that they had the balls to even step to you like you would ever consider them, a mere peasant, as something worth breathing your royal breath in the direction of. I see why they say the women here are bougie. It’s not that they’re bougie, maybe they’re tired of dusty bozos coming up to them.

Even though this scenario wasn’t street harassment, it was just an interruption that I never asked for. I’ve dealt with a lot of street harassment from men who can’t catch a clue. It’s like they need Blue and Steve to draw out a “Stop” sign to let them know not to approach or bother me. Why can’t you catch the clue? I’m avoiding eye contact, I never spoke to you, my replies are minimal, my body language is not opening you to conversation so why is you “psst-ing” me? ISSA CLUE, ISSA CLUE!


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