As I inhale the aroma emitting from late night candles,
I lay in my web of a bed that once held souls of “you up?” text lovers.
Sheets cover up the evidence of love crimes committed
and these walls witness the moans and screams of their pleasurable death but they never tattle.

I blame you.

Crimes of false passion have happened in fury because I have been waiting for you….
and these bodies keep piling up.
I’ve tried to quit but these vulnerable victims show up so quick.
A charming smile and a mysterious nature hooks them as vulnerable bait.
I’m scared I’m going to get caught because I can’t stop until I find you and you’re making me wait.

I want to confess. I want you to know that I’d kill to be with you. And I have. I don’t regret what I did because it was easy to do. It’s what they wanted.
So easy, I wonder if I have already had you tangled in my web and now you lay 6ft under like the rest.

However, that can’t be because your demise would haunt me in my sleep if it were true. You hide so well, I wonder if you know who your soulmate is?
Do you purposely conceal yourself from me because you know I’m a monster?
I’m alone and I can’t help but wander.
My phone lights up but I know it is not you.
It’s prey, calling me.


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