My L.A.S.E.R. (an ode to a Lupe Fiasco fan)

When surrounded by darkness, he has to rebel against it like the laser that he is.

He extingushes my surroundings by being the light,

becoming my sunshine in the day and the moonlight by night.

Opposites we are, like solar midnite and solar noon,

yet we are so in sync, conceiving a lovely tune.

Maybe it’s his laughter or the fact he never has to dumb it down that keeps me from straying,

he brings out the inner me that never shows so of course I’m staying.

I hate him for it yet love it about him cause he has the coolest power.

You can find me daydreamin’ about him in the busiest hour.

When I talk to him, I’m beaming so hard I can touch the sky.

And when he hangs up, I’m still riding on Cloud 9.

It’s silly yet I breathe him in for my own selfish reasons,

cause once he finds someone else,

he gets that girl but I don’t get to have that guy.


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