We women are worst nightmares from birth.
Cursed from the womb that never wanted us…
they yearn for a boy.

Kings have slit throats of many queens because they birthed pink instead blue
and in return they paid in red.

Men feen for a precious baby boy to turn into a man
but to have a daughter to raise into a woman is never part of the plan.

Our mothers even fear us while we grow in their bellies because they’re plagued with thoughts like
“girls are too difficult”
“the world is too crazy to raise a daughter in”

My own sex doesn’t even want me so how I can expect the world to?

they tell us to cover up our bodies because our flesh reeks of a perfume called “temptation”.
We are giving a certain image to hold and told to remain in that station.

The same baby boy you hope for is the one I am told to fear.
“They only want that thing”, “Keep your legs closed”, “don’t ever be left alone with one” has been whispered into every daughter’s ear.

You raise your son but do you directly tell him not to rape?
Do you let him know it’s not okay to vandalize a woman no matter what her body may drape?

To never let him think a woman’s position is second best?
To never let flesh weaken him even when he smells the stench of liquor on her breath.

No, we women get the blame for everything.
Blamed for giving life to a baby girl even though your sperm was the decision maker.
Blamed for our bodies being pillaged by your intrusive village.

I’ve been cursed with nightfall skin and genitals of sin living in a world of HIStory.
but her gory story created their glory.
But, they rip out the pages of HERstory, don’t they?


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