Battle of the Sexes

As a woman, I give you the chance to let you be the man

I strive to be your ideal woman and let you rule the land

I aim to be the woman who massages your back instead of step on it like all the rest

Yet you choose the women in the streets and lower yourself to something less.

So when I turn cold on you when you try to ignite fire

Realize that I get tired of your shit too and start to retire

They say women don’t know what they want, but men don’t seem to have a clue either

Lack of communication burns into relationships like ether

You say I don’t know the figment of a good male then show me what I should envision

Once seen, I will look through my thought process and start to revision.

Blame women for caring about the material things when that is the only thing you show

Enlighten me with your mind and let us see what you are really all about though.

When a woman is perfect, you leave claiming you get bored

take back too many drinks and then you are sleeping with the neighborhood whore.

You say you hate these type of women yet you run to them more

and after you realize what you had before,

my feelings have left yet you try to restore

The desire for you is gone so you claim we are bitter and selfish

but look in the mirror and really gaze at the reflection

Are you happy with what you see?

Is it you or is it me?

or is it we?

Think, rather than leave

Communication is what we need

I don’t wanna change you but embrace you for all you can be.

Or we can leave it as it is and stay public enemies


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