Peanut Butter Fiend

I told him his creamy brown skin reminded me of peanut butter.
He laughed and asked “Peter Pan or Jif” as his eyelashes fluttered.
I replied “Peter Pan” because when he explores my Neverland he’s never done in a Jiff-y
He says I remind him of grape jelly because my skin is dark and tast-y
We traded each other: a spoonful of me for a mouthful of him
Like cannibals, we ate each other while we were swallowed in the moonlight dim
his tastebuds went nutty consuming all my grapes in my vine
He turned my legs into jelly and I fermented the taste of his lips into wine
Intoxicate me, baby.
Sometimes we get carried away and I have jelly drippin down my leg
He lifts his head and licks all around “mmm” is all he ever says.
I trace down his peanut butter trail until my tongue got stuck to the roof of my mouth
I love his peanut butter but now I need his milk.
Consuming his peanut butter and his milk, his milk and his peanut butter
He shutters nuttin’ as my tongue strokes his jar clean
Sweet tooth for me he has turned into a grape jelly fiend
He spreads me for more
Our bodies conflict into a peanut butter and jelly war
Brown and purple, purple and brown…we’re swirlin’
No matter how sticky it gets, the hunger keeps yearnin’
Our bodies encasing the mixture of us like slices of bread
We devoured our PB&J sexwiches, I mean sandwiches until we were fed

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