Aquarians: Death to the Waterboys

As an Aquarius rising, you would think I could appreciate others who possess the sun sign. WELL I DON’T. Jim Jones once said he doesn’t know if Cam’ron is a snitch but he knows he’s an Aquarius. Jones may be a crybaby Cancer but he said some real shit. Aquarians cannot be trusted. Aquarian men aka”waterboys” as I like to call them, have always kinda … Continue reading Aquarians: Death to the Waterboys


me this summer — Cher Horrorwitz (@NickNBeauty) June 19, 2017 June is almost over and I have not done one ho ting yet. Hopefully July and August will be promising and allow me to travel to some places, wear backless tings and get some dick in different area codes. I need to be free this summer and get in trouble.¬†WHERE’S THE FUCKIN BLOW?! I … Continue reading SUMMERflingsNtings


Loyalty. What does it mean to you? I wonder this as I recall this guy recently telling me that he doesn’t think I could I ever be loyal. I can’t lie, the statement triggered me AT FIRST but as I let it marinate I thought “LOYALTY?! IN THIS ECONOMY?” As I look back into my relationships whether platonic or intimate, male or female, loyalty has … Continue reading LOYALTY.